dark·​room | \ ˈdärk-ˌrüm  , -ˌru̇m \



: A darkroom refers to a space where art and science come together to create something complete before premiering to the public. It’s where process and creativity combine to form a final product.


This is why we’ve chosen it as our name.


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The private-equity-backed swimwear brand Maaji tapped Darkroom to grow international revenue 16x during our multi-year engagement.


Inspired by the Mahi-Mahi—a vibrant, subtropical dolphinfish— Maaji was created by sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra in Columbia and sells swimwear that is sleek, stylish and sustainable.
Maaji approached Darkroom with the challenge of helping them scale internationally and had ambitious growth goals for their expansion into the United States market. But in the beginning, Maaji had a modest international advertising budget, and needed to validate their entry into new markets before investing more. Darkroom delivered an end-to-end digital acquisition strategy for Maaji’s e-commerce operations, resulting in 10x the return on investment.



Scaled Paid Social Adspend


Increase in Paid Social ROAS

Maaji approached Darkroom with the challenge of helping them scale internationally and had ambitious growth goals for their expansion into the United States market. But in the beginning, Maaji had a modest international advertising budget, and needed to validate their entry into new markets before investing more. Darkroom delivered an end-to-end digital acquisition strategy for Maaji’s e-commerce operations, resulting in 10x the return on investment.

  • Total advertising ROI of 10x
  • Scaled paid social ad spend by 16x and increased ROAS by 700%
  • Reduced time between 1st and 2nd orders from 65 days to 12 days
  • Increased retention revenue by 126%
  • Boosted customer LTV by 37%
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Scaling Paid Ads

We started by rethinking Maaji’s paid advertising on Facebook and Google, testing both design and strategy in order to maximize visibility and conversion. This resulted in the development of a new creative direction for the brand as well as the production of standalone, social media creative. The success of these efforts led Maaji to increase their paid social ad spend by 16x.


Intelligent Email Flows

Next, we tested email templates to identify high-performance copy and creative, tested different send-times, and implemented lead nurture flow (30-day) where warm leads are revisited. We also optimized for the seasonality of the swimwear market and notified prospective customers of seasonal sales and price drops. These changes helped Maaji reduce the average time between first and second orders from 65 days to 12 days.

MA _ 5.30 _ MEMORIAL SALE 50_ off + Extra 10_ the entire site w_ coupon code 8AM -8PM
MA _ 6.23 _ Thursday Drop

Retaining Repeat Customers

By focusing on repeat customer retention, we were able to help Maaji measurably increase customer lifetime value and improve revenue margins. We restructured Maaji’s landing pages and interfaces, optimizing click-through rates and boosting conversion for this valuable cohort. These changes helped Maaji increase retention revenue by 126% and improve customer LTV by 37%.

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Darkroom helped Maaji scale internationally and grow into a multi-million dollar e-commerce business over our 2+ year partnership. The brand is now sold in over 50 countries and is the single largest swimwear company worldwide.

  • Creative is King: When creative direction stagnates, so does the brand—that’s why it’s vital to revitalize key visual elements continuously. This includes the integration of platform-native content and UGC with more editorial, polished content.
  • Seasonality: Fashion and apparel messaging needs to be tied back to season and context.
  • Send Times: When messaging is delivered at the right time, it makes a world of difference. For Maaji, 21:00 EST was ideal; when users were in a relaxed, wind-down state their purchase intent was higher.


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We launched a category-leading campaign that allowed Necessaire to aggressively break goals for the critical holiday season.
Since 2018, Necessaire has been reimagining body care with effective, environmentally responsible products sold online and at retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora. They approached Darkroom in the latter half of 2021 for help revitalizing their paid media strategy post-iOS 14, and needed to implement changes quickly and in time for the critical end-of-year sales season.


Top 1%

Performed in the top 1% of all 2021 BFCM Facebook Campaigns


Overall Q4 Revenue Increase YoY


Below CPA goal on Paid Social

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Capture New
Interest Efficiently

Video Views Funnel

With the introduction of the new iOS 14 in the spring of 2021, Paid Social efficiency and accuracy took a severe hit. So Darkroom chose to implement a new top-of-funnel strategy for Necessaire called Closed Loop Video View, which bypasses the pixel tracking that most advertisers rely on for attribution.

This strategy gave Necessaire a much larger (and cheaper) audience to retarget, and increased the likelihood of repurchase over the next few touchpoints.


Paid Social

We also rethought Necessaire’s paid social strategy in order to maximize visibility and conversion. This included the development of a new brand art direction and standalone, paid social performance creative.


Influencer Whitelisting

Darkroom tapped into Necessaire’s robust influencer network and found audiences that already engage with Necessaire and other trending beauty brands. Then we worked with influencers to serve whitelisted videos to that pre-primed audience, which increased revenue by 46% percent when compared to the next best-performing audience.

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New Acquisition and Shopping Campaigns


We also saw an opportunity to build remarketing audiences and drive one-click purchases by targeting highly interested, top and middle of funnel traffic. This led to an increase in new customers, while also creating a new starting point in the buyer’s journey for audiences that purchased through lower-funnel campaigns.

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Re-engage users at the right time, with the right product

Dynamic Ads


At the bottom of the funnel, we employed Dynamic Ads using the most popular and highest average order value (AOV) products, targeting individuals who added these products to their cart.


Messaging was essential here; the communication we chose to use for these Dynamic Ads was a carefully curated collection of testimonials and customer reviews, highlighting the value props of the brand. This amplified the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Convert users to
loyal customers

Social Proof


At the top to mid-funnel, we capitalized on videos made by social media influencers,emphasizing the luxury and efficacy of Necessaire products. Mid to bottom-funnel content relied on gushing reviews and publication quotes speaking to the positive changes users experienced while using the product; this sped up and optimized conversion.


Darkroom was able to quickly and efficiently implement solutions throughout Necessaire’s marketing funnel in time for the critical holiday sales season. These changes resulted in a paid social CPA 14% below target, a paid media revenue increase of 118%, and an overall revenue increase of 43% in Q4 YoY.

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Joybird is a DTC home furniture brand selling custom, mid-century modern upholstered furniture. Founded in 2014 by Alex Del Toro, Andres Hinostroza, Joshua Stellin and Christopher Stormer, the La-z-Boy sub brand was acquired in 2019, and has a core customer base of primarily millennial and Gen X consumers.


When Joybird approached Darkroom in 2021, its messaging and advertising had stagnated. Joybird was in need of more than a visual identity lift, they needed a messaging revamp that would generate substantial ad recall and brand awareness.

What we did

Darkroom reimagined the Joybird aesthetic and brand narrative — bringing them to life with the “Joy to the Bird” campaign in 2021. The campaign’s hero video emphasized the variety and practicality of shopping with Joybird, and became the brand’s first nationally televised ad, running on ESPN and a variety of other recognizable channels. The campaign was featured in several publications including PR Newswire, Business Wire, and Yahoo Entertainment, and successfully raised Joybird’s market awareness nationwide.

“Joybird’s commercial ‘Joy to the Bird’ highlights the brand’s fun and colorful styles that ensure consumers can truly make their space their own.”

– Business Wire


“Joybird is changing the way you buy furniture.”

– Yahoo Entertainment



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Everytable is redefining America’s food landscape with nutritious, fresh, made-from-scratch food available at reasonable prices. Founded by Sam Polk in Southern California, the brand aims to bring nutritious, affordable food to every table in the country, with no one left out.

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Boosting Retention

Everytable came to Darkroom at a critical turning point – they were looking to open new retail locations, expand their B2B footprint, and take direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales to the next level. Darkroom helped them refine their DTC communication, boost retention and ignite their performance campaigns by taking over Email and SMS operations. The result was the best-performing email months in Everytable’s history, and an overall increase in retention signup revenue of 400% in just three months.

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Catalyzing Growth

We continued to work with Everytable to build sophisticated email flows and segmentation, improve retention, and boost revenue – allowing them to close a $16 million Series B in 2020. Everytable continues to grow, expanding to the East Coast in 2022 and opening its first locations in New York City.

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“The Darkroom team has been instrumental in helping us grow for the past few months, they’ve more than 4x’d our email + SMS subscription sign ups since coming on board.”
– Chad Massura, Head of Growth, Everytable avatar
What we did

Retention Marketing

  • Email and SMS Management
  • Campaign development and execution
  • Elevated conversion, subscription, and open-rates




  • Measurably increased DTC revenue in the first three months
  • Developed and improved retention for their existing consumer-base
  • Closed multi-million dollar deals as a result of refined communication
  • Expanded local retail capacities