dark·​room | \ ˈdärk-ˌrüm  , -ˌru̇m \



: A darkroom refers to a space where art and science come together to create something complete before premiering to the public. It’s where process and creativity combine to form a final product.


This is why we’ve chosen it as our name.

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CALPAK was founded in Los Angeles in 1989 to make quality travel bags at accessible prices. Today it is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality travel accessories, with a brand dedicated to self-expression and thoughtful, modern design.

What we did

CALPAK came to Darkroom to improve retention and revenue margins. So we decided to focus on initial order intent and repeat customers, implementing new user flows to help CALPAK boost average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLV) for both new and existing customers.

  • Increased overall first-quarter retention by 103% YoY
  • Boosted first-quarter email revenue 166% and SMS revenue by 59% YoY
  • Beat overall client retention goal for Q1 by 7.5%
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Boosting Retention & Conversion

Timing is everything when it comes to purchase-intent, so we built automated Email and SMS flows to reach customers with targeted messaging based on their site browsing behavior in the critical days following their first interactions with the brand.
We also revamped CALPAK’s purchase flows – including their Welcome, Abandon Cart, In Stock and Promotional flows – presenting products in a more visually compelling way that measurably improved conversion.


Valuable Content Ultimately Leads to Sales

Through intensive testing, we also learned that the CALPAK customer was particularly interested in content that offers travel advice. We doubled down on this type of content in the month of March, resulting in a month-over-month increase in email campaign revenue of 128%.

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Creating CALPAK Brand Advocates:

One of the biggest advantages of direct-to-consumer brands is the ability to own the relationship. Darkroom helped CALPAK develop strategies to increase customer retention and customer lifetime value for their most valuable cohort: repeat customers.

  • We redesigned the post-purchase flow with a strong focus on nurturing customers’ relationship with the brand, helping them feel good about their purchase and providing support if needed.
  • We implemented VIP Flows to show appreciation to loyal customers — measurably increasing repeat purchases.
  • We used predictive analytics to customize Reorder and Cross-sell flows based on past purchase behavior
  • We redesigned flows for CALPAK’s Very Important Traveler program to improve brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases
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Increase Overall Retention Efforts Q1 YoY


Email Revenue Increase Q1 YoY


Year-On-Year 2022

  • 59% SMS Revenue Increase Q1 YoY
  • 7.5% Over Q1 Client Retention Goal


Month-On-Month 2022 (Feb to Mar)

  • 128% Increase MoM (Feb to Mar) in email campaigns
  • 50% Increase MoM (Feb to Mar) in email flow revenue
  • 24% Increase MoM (Feb to Mar) in SMS campaigns