dark·​room | \ ˈdärk-ˌrüm  , -ˌru̇m \



: A darkroom refers to a space where art and science come together to create something complete before premiering to the public. It’s where process and creativity combine to form a final product.


This is why we’ve chosen it as our name.

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We launched a category-leading campaign that allowed Necessaire to aggressively break goals for the critical holiday season.
Since 2018, Necessaire has been reimagining body care with effective, environmentally responsible products sold online and at retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora. They approached Darkroom in the latter half of 2021 for help revitalizing their paid media strategy post-iOS 14, and needed to implement changes quickly and in time for the critical end-of-year sales season.


Top 1%

Performed in the top 1% of all 2021 BFCM Facebook Campaigns


Overall Q4 Revenue Increase YoY


Below CPA goal on Paid Social

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Capture New
Interest Efficiently

Video Views Funnel

With the introduction of the new iOS 14 in the spring of 2021, Paid Social efficiency and accuracy took a severe hit. So Darkroom chose to implement a new top-of-funnel strategy for Necessaire called Closed Loop Video View, which bypasses the pixel tracking that most advertisers rely on for attribution.

This strategy gave Necessaire a much larger (and cheaper) audience to retarget, and increased the likelihood of repurchase over the next few touchpoints.


Paid Social

We also rethought Necessaire’s paid social strategy in order to maximize visibility and conversion. This included the development of a new brand art direction and standalone, paid social performance creative.


Influencer Whitelisting

Darkroom tapped into Necessaire’s robust influencer network and found audiences that already engage with Necessaire and other trending beauty brands. Then we worked with influencers to serve whitelisted videos to that pre-primed audience, which increased revenue by 46% percent when compared to the next best-performing audience.

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New Acquisition and Shopping Campaigns


We also saw an opportunity to build remarketing audiences and drive one-click purchases by targeting highly interested, top and middle of funnel traffic. This led to an increase in new customers, while also creating a new starting point in the buyer’s journey for audiences that purchased through lower-funnel campaigns.

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Re-engage users at the right time, with the right product

Dynamic Ads


At the bottom of the funnel, we employed Dynamic Ads using the most popular and highest average order value (AOV) products, targeting individuals who added these products to their cart.


Messaging was essential here; the communication we chose to use for these Dynamic Ads was a carefully curated collection of testimonials and customer reviews, highlighting the value props of the brand. This amplified the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Convert users to
loyal customers

Social Proof


At the top to mid-funnel, we capitalized on videos made by social media influencers,emphasizing the luxury and efficacy of Necessaire products. Mid to bottom-funnel content relied on gushing reviews and publication quotes speaking to the positive changes users experienced while using the product; this sped up and optimized conversion.


Darkroom was able to quickly and efficiently implement solutions throughout Necessaire’s marketing funnel in time for the critical holiday sales season. These changes resulted in a paid social CPA 14% below target, a paid media revenue increase of 118%, and an overall revenue increase of 43% in Q4 YoY.

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