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Why Brands Must Produce New Video Content

July 2021


While there are plenty of content options to build your online brand, but few have a bigger impact than branding video. It is essential to develop a strong visual identity to establish your brand. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” may be a cliche, but it couldn’t be more important in establishing your brand’s identity. A video enhances and consolidates your brands target visual identity. By offering a series of photos that enhance your e-commerce website’s appeal, you create a more fluid shopping experience. With that being said, a single video is not enough to establish a strong brand voice or online presence. True branding efforts require strategic and continuous investment in content marketing with a strong emphasis on video content that tells a story about your brand.

Countless Content Types

When thinking of branding videos, most think of traditional ads: something along the lines of a 30-second spot on TV. But the truth is brand videos are so much more than the idea of the traditional “superbowl” advertising. The expansion of the e-commerce shopping experience has changed the way people perceive brands’ visual identities and marketing strategies. Integration of video content creation in the marketing world offers product explanatory videos that create a definitive brand voice. 

Video branding can help with almost any e-commerce scenario. From website and online brand, assisting in clarifying the brand’s purpose to potential customers who visit your site is massive. When launching new products, demonstration videos will showcase how to use the product to customers; subsequently showing why your product is worth adding to their life. The benefits of using branding videos is not limited to just tangible products. Service providers can offer case study videos to personalize their brand by showing the products impact on their clients.

When developing a video content strategy, brands need to consider which types of video best complement their products and services. An e-commerce seller can use how-to videos, product reviews, and even unboxing videos to show off products and communicate the brand’s personality and visual identity. 

Greater Audience Engagement

For brands that are reluctant to use video for their branding strategy, looking at the numbers might enhance its importance for their e-commerce websites. Video has proven to be more engaging than other forms of branding content, with a direct impact on a brand’s growth and establishment of a clear brand identity. Wyzowl’s 2020 State of Video Marketing Survey shows just how powerful of an influence video marketing has become. Of the marketers who participated in the survey, 87 percent reported that video increased traffic to their website, while 83 percent said it helped them generate more leads. Most importantly, 80 percent said that video content directly helped them increase e-commerce sales.

Hence, the successful results of these branding videos are undoubtedly linked to the popularity of video content s a whole. Statista reports that 85 percent of internet users in the United States watch videos on their devices. In some countries, that percentage is even higher. The average amount of time a person is willing to spend watching online video is also on the rise. Reports from MediaPost estimates that by 2021, average internet users will watch 100 minutes of video content each day. With consumers growing desire for video, providing a consistent video media will increase branding outreach and visual identity. 

Making a Stronger Impression

HubSpot reports that 92 percent of people who watch videos on their smartphone share that content with others. The more people watching videos on smartphone offers huge upsides for e-commerce websites. With increased customer awareness of brand and products through shared video marketing. Part of the reason customers share video content more than other marketing tactics is because a visual identity is much more likely to make an impression on consumers when they first watch it compared to any other marketing tool.

In fact, a Nielsen study of Facebook video ads found that “From the moment a video ad was viewed, lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase consideration. That means even people who never watched the video, but did see the impression, were still impacted by the ad. As expected, lift increased the longer people watched the ad”. Branding videos don’t just make it easier to passionately tell your brand’s story, they ensure customers will remember your story and products. When building a brand voice to represent what you stand for, video will always be far more persuasive and memorable.

Consistent Video Content in Action

Tiger Fitness, nutritional supplement brand, showcases just how powerful commitment to a video can be in creating brand voice. Thanks to its creative video content, the brand achieved a 60 percent returning customer rate; over three times the rate of its industry standard. Tiger Fitness directly attributed their success to a strategic mindset of pumping out creative video content. Training and educational videos, product reviews, and more helped establish the brand as a go-to expert in its niche. Not all of these videos were high-end productions either. Tiger Fitness’s CEO explained, “What happens is, I’ll be at a car wash or on the road … and I’ll read an email, and it’s just an interesting question, one I just don’t feel like typing out, and I’ll just film a video.”

So what’s the takeaway for your own brand? It doesn’t matter what type of product you sell or the industry you occupy. Video content can be used to establish your expert status, while also highlighting your authenticity and market accessibility. A mix of quick and easy content and high-quality productions keeps the content flowing so you can constantly grow your brand. Use Google Trends or your own social media accounts to find what your audience is talking about, and create video content that addresses these issues.

Building a Brand With Video

Every brand doesn’t need a multimillion dollar budget to make video a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. Brands can adapt video content based on their budget, equipment, and brand goals to develop content that truly connects to your target audience. Consistency is the largest component in content creation, and with enough production your company will achieve its sought after brand voice. 


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