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Many e-commerce brands don’t understand what will truly drive lasting, long-term competitive advantage and customer lifetime value (LTV). Darkroom believes that what often goes overlooked or undervalued is brand.

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Born in New York with stints in five countries, Lucas has been starting companies since the beginning. After a series of collaborations with Jackson Corey, Lucas founded Darkroom with the intention of creating an unparalleled agency experience. As CEO, Lucas oversees all Darkroom global strategic initiatives, business development, partnerships, and new ventures. Lucas was educated at UNC Kenan-Flagler, Copenhagen Business School, the University of Hong Kong, and London School of Economics.

Lucas DiPietrantonio

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder


After founding Darkroom in 2017, Jackson has been the major creative force behind the agency’s rise. One of Los Angeles’ most sought after creative directors, Jackson has led branding, user experience, and art direction engagements for leading consumer facing brands and acclaimed global institutions alike. He oversees all creative efforts for Darkroom clients and internal ventures.

Jackson Corey

Chief Creative Officer, Co-founder


Jake holds dual Danish and American citizenship but considers Los Angeles home. He joined Darkroom in 2021 after an impressive tenure in technology. A college dropout, Jake is a pure builder. He led the customer experience and sales teams at Houzz, contributing to their rise from a one-room team to thousands of employees, before serving as SVP of Operations at MoviePass, the fastest growing subscription service in history. Jake oversees Darkroom global operations, contributing to client success for all agency clients.

Jake Petersen

Chief Operating Officer


As one of Darkroom’s first employees, Jessica has been behind some of the agency’s most notable work and advertising campaigns. As VP of Performance Marketing, Jessica ensures Darkroom is at the forefront of media planning and buying strategies. She’s been responsible for the agency’s top revenue-driving campaigns for Darkroom clientele across e-commerce. Jessica manages all key client relationships across performance marketing.

Jessica Pelligra

VP of Performance Marketing, Los Angeles


With a pedigree in advertising, Cole has been critical in the agency’s rise in Los Angeles. A process-driven leader, Cole has built a unique, consultative business development model based on a deep understanding of prospective client needs. As VP of Business Development, Cole is currently responsible for all new business inquiries across the agency, hand selecting engagements that fit most appropriately with Darkroom’s model.

Cole Shapiro

VP of Business Development, Los Angeles


As the first strategic retention hire at Darkroom, Tina built a multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers, and copywriters that helps brands dictate their retention strategies across email and SMS. As the associate director of Retention Marketing, Tina leads Darkroom engagements for some of the most notable consumer facing brands. Her expertise and leadership have resulted in some of the most successful, revenue-driving work for Darkroom. Tina lives in Los Angeles with her Great Dane, Ellie.

Tina Manning

Associate Director of Retention Marketing, Los Angeles


After joining the agency in 2020, Brenna [they/them] has been a driving force in building and improving operations across the agency, ensuring success for clients across all Darkroom verticals. Brenna is a believer in planning and discovery when it comes to creating effective marketing. Brenna is a Facebook and Google certified expert, a 6 Sigma Green Belt, and a lifelong learner. They hold a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing with an emphasis in poetry from Emerson College.

Brenna Kleiman

Operations Lead, Los Angeles


Born and raised in Colorado, Nefeli moved to Los Angeles to work with leading consumer facing brands. Nefeli is a firm believer that winning creative campaigns must be informed by consumer behavior. As Associate Director of Paid Media at Darkroom, Nefeli focuses on customer acquisition and revenue growth across Darkroom direct-to-consumer client engagements. She has been instrumental in building out Darkroom’s brand-backed media model, integrating creative and performance marketing to deliver the best possible outcome for agency clients.

Nefeli Southern

Associate Director of Paid Media, Los Angeles


Originally from San Antonio, Justin has spent much of his adult life in the cultural and creative hubs of New York and Los Angeles. With a steep background in editorial fashion creative, Justin has been instrumental in the growth of Darkroom’s award-winning production department. Justin’s work spans 7 countries, and client engagements include OVO, Gucci, FIFA, Adidas, Gap and others.

Justin Trevino

Executive Producer, Los Angeles


Growing up in Los Angeles, Joe started making films at age 9, when his first script happened to be picked up by JJ Abrams. Joe has thrived in the production world ever since, lending his hand toward a variety of projects in film, television, and entertainment. As Darkroom’s Lead Editor, Joe oversees creative execution on short form and long form advertisements across the agency.

Joe Barton

Lead Editor, Los Angeles


A New York native, Charles has been a brand builder since the very beginning. With over 10 years of digital marketing experience, Charles started his career as the AD of Marketing at Illesteva and has held a number of roles on the brand and agency side. An entrepreneurial thinker, Charles aligns with founders to build purpose-driven retention strategies for Darkroom clients. When not at work, he spends his time growing Thoughts.

Charles Warden

Retention Marketing Manager, Los Angeles


Originally from Chicago and educated at USC’s Roski School of Art and Design, Miranda’s experience spans branding, digital design, and creative advertising. Miranda serves as a designer on our creative team, lending her eye across departments at Darkroom. She is heavily involved in Darkroom branding engagements, contributing to the agency’s award-winning reputation for design.

Miranda Mann

Design Associate, Los Angeles

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