dark·​room | \ ˈdärk-ˌrüm  , -ˌru̇m \



: A darkroom refers to a space where art and science come together to create something complete before premiering to the public. It’s where process and creativity combine to form a final product.


This is why we’ve chosen it as our name.

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Darkroom helped Jessica Simpson Style grow overall revenue 100% YoY while decreasing ad spend 11.5%.


Jessica Simpson Style is the celebrity namesake’s latest fashion brand launched in XXXX. They specialize in shoes but have expanded to selling clothing, swimwear and accessories primarily through their ecommerce storefront jessicasimpsonstyle.com.


In 2020 when Jessica Simpson Style approached Darkroom they had a large product catalog, solid sales momentum, and were spending generously on paid ads. But they needed help increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).


So Darkoom’s integrated growth teams got to work optimizing their digital storefront, paid social channels, and retention strategy, resulting in highly efficient overall growth for the brand:



YoY overall revenue growth


Decrease in ad spend

  • Jan to March ‘22 retention revenue increased 215%
  • 35% increase in Last Click Revenue YoY – $96k increase from LESS ad spend
  • 54% increase in Last Click ROAS
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Digital Storefront

First we did a deepdive into Jesica Simpson Style’s digital storefront, analyzing every detail of the product presentation and customer journey. We found that their large customer base was getting lost as they attempted to navigate the company’s expansive product catalog. The changes we implemented resulted in a more curated experience for their customers, prominently presenting more popular and higher value items first, resulting in a significant increase in Average Order Value (AOV).


Paid Social

We rethought Jessica Simpson Style’s paid social strategy, implementing a new Video View funnel, separating out campaigns for Activewear and Swimwear and adding Whitelisitng from Jessica Simpson’s Instagram account. We also separated out campaigns for lifestyle creative ads and dynamic product ads, and created new campaigns focused on specific shoe collections resulting in more creative control and better conversion. These changes led to an impressive conversion increase YoY, without scaling paid social ad spend.

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On the retention front, we started with strategic audience segmentation, creating much more selective cohorts to remarket to. We also launched an all new SMS retention program, and optimized the existing email retention program with new content, send times and more emphasis on best selling products. These changes resulted in an overall increase in Retention Campaign revenue of 215% from January to March ‘22.

Darkroom has been Jessica Simpson Style’s growth agency of record for two years, and has helped the brand grow overall revenue 100% YoY.